The Christian Reformed Church of Wollongong is a Protestant church that has its roots in the great protestant Reformation movement of the 16th century, and the Reformed Churches of Europe that followed.
By God’s grace, our church community has been serving and witnessing to Christ for over 60yrs in Wollongong. Our congregation is blessed with a full scope of ages from infants to faithful servants in their 90’s. Our ministries cater for children, teenagers, young adults, adults, families and singles.

We offer worship services each Sunday at 9:30am with a measured and God honouring approach to worship. We pray together, sing psalms, hymns and contemporary songs, and read and sit under God’s word together. We long to see men and women, boys and girls respond in faith to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and grow in their faith through life. So we make every effort to engage people and teach the Bible, pointing all to the saving work of Jesus Christ. 

As a member of the Christian Reformed Churches of Australia, we hold to and affirm a reformed evangelical theology and practice.



Bringing glory to God as we
                 grow in Christ,
                 follow him,
                 love like him, and
                 call others to do the same.



By God’s grace and in submission to His will, by 2021, we will be a loving community who are growing people of all ages and stages to maturity in Christ through a living discipleship process, actively involved in gathering in God's growing family through 4 intentional outreach based events each year.